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      The only place our imagination has full reign is in our dreams. My art is inspired by the natural world, with a surreal twist. I enjoy adding a surprising element that entices a viewer to lean in, ask a question, or take another look from a different angle. Many of my pieces examine the world of sustainability through the lens of imagination and fantasy. More recently I have moved from strictly oil on canvas, to oil and acrylic on wood, and charcoal/ink on paper. I have enjoyed adding customs frames to some of my pieces- incorporating natural and industrial elements. 

      I graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Metropolitan State University in Denver Colorado. There, I blended my passion for art and the mid century esthetic. I’m particularly interested in creating functional sculpture as lighting, and am highly inspired by designers like Poul Henningsen. All woodworking from custom framing to lighting was crafted in my home garage and studio. 


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